What our visitors to Wonderland thought about their magical afternoon

“It was so good that I would not take my eyes off the scene! Best show I’ve ever seen! It makes you have wonderful dreams.”
Sofia, Age 8

Tilly, aged 5

“Operas can be boring if they’re for adults, but children’s operas are easier to understand and look better.”
Leila, Age 10

Tabitha, aged 7

Mich, aged 6

“I think all of the characters were very friendly and I would be delighted to come again! I rate the opera 98 out of 100!”
Harriet, Age 8

Issy, aged 10

“I am a retired teacher and for fifteen years of my career I organised a Theatre Club for the Sixth Form and staff. It introduced 16-18 year olds to the theatre and opera and so many now tell me they regularly attend. It is essential that everything is done to introduce young people to opera and the theatre; very few do not enjoy it and do not return. For the majority, it adds so much to their life.”
Paul, Age 65

Georgina, aged 8

Ellie, aged 9

“The caterpillar was ‘cool’! We loved moving from scene to scene and the special workshop and Touch Tour! We would love to come again, it was engaging and interesting – the children had never heard/seen anything like it!”
The Poole Family

Chiara, aged 3

“Shows like Alice and Fantastic Mr Fox are a fun and important introduction to another vocal/musical sound which is becoming unfamiliar. They will help ensure a new generation of people experience the great pleasure of opera. I have found that opera, like many lasting and deeply expressive art forms is enjoyed more with greater exposure to it. Opera can touch us and teach us and without shows like Alice, there is a chance that the bogus view that opera is for the elite may come true. I enjoyed Alice as much as my kids. Please keep these fantastic Al fresco shows coming.”
Adam, Age 35

Antonia, aged 6