Meet the characters

Alice is 11, and completely marvellous White Rabbit. Lapine superstar, Alice’s guide in Wonderland. Ambitions to be ringmaster undermined by somewhat nervous disposition
Alice’s Mother, who also happens to be… the Mad Hatter. They have certain things in common. Highly strung. Can appear authoritarian. Underneath it all, a frustrated romantic
father Alice’s Father, by coincidence, is also… the Queen of Hearts. Very fierce. But possibly, beneath, she is just misunderstood…
Alice’s Two Nameless and Gluttonous Siblings. Voracious and spiteful. They are also (of course) – Tweedle dum and Tweedle dee. See above. Can be bought off with offerings of food – the fouler the better
Dormouse. Small mammal, really very sleepy. Often found in the environs of tea Caterpillar. A dreamer of dreams and smoker of things
Drink Me Bottle. A singer and pusher of dodgy liquids – and frankly a bit of a prima donna Duchess. Mad, very forgetful and highly romantic – she knows (when she hasn’t forgotten) that love will conquer all
Cheshire Cat. A sarcastic cat, he comes and goes as he pleases. Can be catty or feline, depending on mood. Don’t be fooled by that smile… Opera Holland Park - Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland (July 2014) (c) Alex Brenner, no use without credit permitted (_DSC9012) White Knight. A chivalrous idealist with unlimited enthusiasm but few practical skills
March Hare. Surprisingly slow-moving, crack-brained hare, more of a follower than a leader. Depressive tendencies OHP - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (2016) (c) Alex Brenner, no use without credit (_D3C9225) - Copy Humpty Dumpty. Pompous egghead, riding for a fall